If you are a developer or a programmer this is second nature. But for those of you like myself that come from the create side. GitHub not only caught my attention but has managed to pull me into the cult! I love it.

If you do a quick google search you will see that GitHub’s tag is:

Build software better, together.

But the thing is that you can build really anything you want with GitHub, not just code, but images, 3D files and more… It is very powerful.

What GitHub does remarkably well is keep track of iterations of a project and note reference of the location where things have been modified with comments if desired.

Then it has a hierarchy structure so that multiple can work on the project from there machines and be able to both pull up latest version from the source project directory or push down their modifications down to the master project file for everyone to get.

AND you can create branch which is kinda like the concept of string theory… Your project can evolve from one point in time into multiple versions that can be there own new project or merge back with other branches at later stage…

ANNNNNNDDDD if this was not enough, if comes with a wiki for you to fully detail using markdown the process/features or anything you want to mention in regards to your project, all this written using markdown! Check out a markdown editor: https://stackedit.io/

Published: 3 years ago
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